How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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My Plan For Writing My First Book

My Strategy And Plan For Writing My First Ever Book

I haven't started to write my first book yet as I personally think, as a new writer, I need to actually have some kind of plan. I don't want to fail at the first hurdle!

I think it's always good to plan before embarking on any kind of substantial project, particularly one that I've never done before.

So this next post for my Book Writing Project is about my strategy and plan of how I intend to write my first ever book.

Planning to write a book - how important is it?

For me personally I have a very busy schedule and, although I want to become a writer, I still need to make money and earn a living.

It's not practical just to drop everything with the hopes I make it to become a published writer. I'm more realistic than that and I know that this project is going to have its ups and downs. I'm preparing for that too!

So why would you want to plan writing a book?

Here's a few reasons for creating a good solid writing plan:

+ A plan keeps you focussed on your goal and keeps you moving along

+ It stops you from going off in different directions not aligned with you goal

+ It helps to avoid the habit of procrastinating (like me)

+ It gives you easily attainable, step by step, actionable targets, so you don’t get overwhelmed or lose hope

+ If you lead a busy lifestyle it helps you to fit in your writing time

+ You can see your achievements and how far you have come

Getting Started: How I Plan To Organise Myself

My strategy is not only to write a book but to get it published as well. So I've been doing a little bit of forward thinking.

I have been busy but not actually writing a book.... you’ll see why.

The first thing you will have noticed (obviously) is that I have built this, my new writer’s website. This is part of my startegy.

But how does that have anything to do with writing a book? Good question!

To answer briefly and not to get off topic, it’s for SELF-PROMOTION and future promotion of my books. Yes, I said books (plural). I don't want to be a one-hit-wonder.

I like to think in the future, where I’m heading, or want to get to.

I’m not going to go into great detail on my own book writing plan here but will outline what steps my plan consists of, so you can adopt the same or similar.

You can also come up with your own plan, mine is just to give you an idea.

Q. How can you achieve your goal of writing your first book?

A. By being organised and having a plan!

My Steps For Writing A Book Plan

Steps for Writing a Book Plan

My book writing plan may seem a little complex but it's just to give you some ideas.

You may not realise it but we all make plans in our lives some simple, some not so. Just think about how you plan to go shopping. You do it in stages: A, B, C, D.

Step A: Make a shopping list - on paper or in your head
Step B: Get to the shops
Step C: Get the items you need and pay
Step D: Get home and pack your shopping away

That was a simple but real example.

A plan can be simple or complex. But generally, a plan should consist of the step by step activity of achieving targets to attain some goal. In this case the goal of getting the shopping.

So here's my plan for writing my first book

1. Goal - The goal is the overall thing I want to achieve.

2. Purposes - The reasons why I want to do this or achieve this goal.

3. Policy - My own rules and guidelines to help me achieve my goal.

4. Plan(s) - Lesser goal(s) that helps me achieve a particular aspect of my overall goal. (You could have many plans to attain your overall goal).

5. Programme -
A programme is a series of steps in sequence (A, B, C, etc.)
to complete my plan (above).

6. Projects - A project is a series of steps in sequence to complete one step of my programme (above).

7. Orders - These are written directions to carry out a task in a project.

#1. So for the first step – GOAL – this is my goal.

To be a successful fiction book writer with a huge following and demand for my stories and books and with published books in all retail outlets worldwide creating mammoth sales and royalties for me.

This goal may seem very unreal or too ambitious but what goal is a true goal if you don’t set what it is you really want. This is what I want and would love to achieve. I want to be a successful writer!

#2. The next stepPURPOSESthis is why I want to achieve my goal:

1. I want to explore and enhance my creative side in writing

2. I want people to get great enjoyment from my stories

3. I want to make a living from something I enjoy doing – writing

4. I want to spread some truths through my writings

You can have several reasons for wanting to achieve your writing goal. Write them down.

#3. The third stepPOLICYmy rules, guidelines and standards that will help me achieve my writing goal:

1. Write from my heart and from my imagination and not how I think others would want to see it

2. Enjoy writing and creating it. Have fun with writing and not take it seriously (as in don't be stressed about it)

3. Be in a creative frame of mind when writing, make sure I’ve eaten and slept well so I can focus

4. Write in a quiet space, free from distractions

5. Make the time to write – set this aside and inform others to leave me alone

6. Always follow my book writing plan and don't deviate from it but amend it as necessary to achieve my goal

This is the set of rules I feel I need to have in order to write successfully and achieve my goal. Yours maybe different, similar, or the same as mine.

You make your own rules to achieve you goal.

#4. The next step - PLAN(S)my plans (lesser goals) to help me with different aspects of my overall goal:

1. Have a writer’s website to help market my books and for others to follow my book-writing journey

2. Have highly successful published books worldwide and a very high profitable income

I have 2 aspects (plans) to my overall goal. The first to create an online presence to market myself and the second is to actually write my own books, have them published and receive great royalties.

#5. Step fivePROGRAMMESthe steps to help me achieve my plan(s)

(For this step I’m going to cut it a little short as this article will be very long. So I will just give you my first Programme which is):

1. Create my writer’s website and get it online

#6. Under Programme there’s the next step – PROJECTS – which is a series of steps to achieve one step of my programme. So the step of getting my writer’s website online was this:

1. Establish my website’s Reason For Being – its purpose

2. Choose a brandable name and domain name for my website

3. Create a website build plan – pages, features, etc

4. Build my website and get it online

#7. The next step – ORDERS – (a written or verbal direction) For this step I would write down very basic steps in a "to-do" list for each Project step. So Project step 1 would look something like this:

1. Get a pen and paper

2. Find a quiet space

3. Honestly tell myself what I want to achieve with my website and why

4. Write down my website’s Reason For Being (its purpose or function)

Your book writing plan must have actionable targets, things that can be done or achieved and you can tick-off as done.

The idea of this plan, or any other type of plan you want to adopt, is to break up your overall goal into tiny bite-sized, easily attainable steps, so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up.

Everything in your book writing plan must also be aligned to your overall goal or you will end up heading in the wrong direction away from where you wanted to go.

A plan is a step by step guide to help you achieve what you most desire. How best it helps you depends on how intelligently you plan, but even a poorly conceived plan is better than no plan at all, (some quote I heard somewhere).

So I do urge you to plan your own book writing adventure and to not be swayed in different directions.

There are many online resources on strategies and planning to help you. Or find a good goal-setting guide in a bookshop. Find one that works best for you.

So what do you think? Do you have your own book writing plan or do you think having a strategy is wasting time?

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