How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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How To Write A Book Faster

How I Was Able To Write My Book Faster

In my last Book Writing Project update I announced that I had started to write my very first book (which was pretty cool), but what I didn’t want to mention or was reluctant to say was how long it took me to write my first chapter.

If you read the update you would have read that I wrote my first chapter of 3066 words in 8 months and 4 dayOuch! (Yes I’m cringing right now).

This was incredibly long and a little shameful to admit. Still, I’m learning how to become a writer so I can excuse myself some mistakes as I go. This is the whole point of my project; that I make the rookie mistakes so you don't have to.

I identified 2 writing barriers that had slowed my writing speed and progress and I’m glad to say that since recognizing those 2 barriers I have greatly increased the writing speed and flow of writing my first book.

These two factors are definitely barriers to fast book writing.

What Did I Do With These 2 Factors (That Helped Me Write My Book Much Faster)?

I simply incorporated them into my book writing plan to help speed up my writing progress.

Here’s what I did:

1. I gave myself weekly / monthly targets of how many words to write so I would treat it seriously and push myself along.

2. I added to my policy – “Do not write and edit at the same time”.

Once I added them to my plan they became cemented in the whole book writing process and helped to speed up my writing.

There were also a few other things I picked up and adopted along the way which helped me to write my book faster. I will tell you what they were shortly, but first I want to share with you my Book Writing Project statistics.
My "Book Writing Project" Statistics
ChapterWord CountDate StartedDate FinishedTime Taken
One30665/7/20109/3/20118 Months 4 Days
Two27239/3/201126/3/201118 Days
Three315126/3/201130/4/201136 Days
Four287230/4/20115/5/20116 Days
As you can see my first chapter took me 8 months and 4 days but after spotting the 2 writing barriers mentioned earlier and implementing the solutions into my plan, I wrote the next 3 chapters of my book in a much faster time.

I also have to mention that I don’t write every day due to work so it’s usually only on my days off. The “Time Taken” column is from when I start the chapter to when I finish (regardless if I write or not).

So overall I’m very happy with my progress and the speed of my writing so far.

Some Of My Additional Tips On The Fastest Way To Write A Book

Tips On The Fastest Way To Write A Book

You will find, as I've done so far, what things you can do to write your book at a faster pace. These tips I’m about to reveal to you helped me improve my writing speed and flow.

Here they are:
1. Set up a nice quiet space you like to be in (with no interruptions).

2. Make sure you’re not tired and have eaten well. Having a dull mind will spoil your writing flow and your book. I write when I feel rested regardless of how many hours sleep I’ve had, just as long as I don’t feel tired. I also eat healthily, eat protein, take vitamins, and drink sugarless drinks. All this helps me to stay alert.

3. Don’t write if you feel stressed or exhausted. If you feel stressed or exhausted go out and take a walk for a while. This can help you de-stress and unclutter your mind.

4. Adopt the mindset of a writer. Play the part. Become the author you want to be in that moment of writing. Do whatever you want that will make you feel like an author. Buy a nice writing desk, or writing pen, that helps to get you into the mood.

5. Use a computer. This may be way too obvious but I have to say it in case it does get overlooked. I would definitely not attempt to write by hand. I have a laptop with a robust keyboard as I’m a little heavy fingered when typing so don’t want to ruin my laptop keyboard. Replacing a new desktop keyboard is cheaper.

6. Don’t worry too much about grammar at this stage. I’m not a grammarist and I don’t worry about whether or not an apostrophe is in the correct place or not. I just get the story down.

7. Check the meaning of words. When I write, words pop into my mind that I’m a little unsure of their meaning, so I always check in a dictionary to make sure my understanding is correct. I find if I don’t check them I get a little stuck and slow up. So making sure you look up the words you are uncertain of helps speed up your writing progress. Get yourself a good dictionary.

8. Don’t listen to complex theories on how to write. I’ve looked on the internet about “how to write” and some of the university and college courses are so complex and pedantic you would actually never get any writing done. My tip for you; is just write and let it flow. Keep it simple and enjoy!

These points not only help me to write but help me to write my novel much faster as you can see by my statistics.

Whether to help yourself write a novel fast or not, you need to make sure that your immediate environment is distraction-free and you feel ready and inspired to write. And become the writer you were born to be.

Have Your Say

Let me know your thoughts below and if you have any speed-writing tips to share.

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