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How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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How I Improved My Imagination In Writing

How I Improved My Imagination In Writing My Book

It’s been a while since my last “Book Writing Project” update (just over 3 months) but not without good reason.

I have made significant progress on my first book and I want to share how I was able to write over 23,000 words in 3 months (around my day job). I even wrote 1 chapter in a day. And remember, I don’t write every single day but on my days off.

So I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved in the past few months of writing.

In my last update I explained how I was able to write my book much faster than previously and I continue to apply the strategies that I revealed. These strategies have helped me speed up my progress enormously and I’ll show you my statistics in a moment.

I also want to talk about another important weapon that is so vital to a creative writer that without it you would be dead as an author. It has helped me tremendously and enabled me to create and have fun with writing.

That vital weapon is IMAGINATION!

So in a bit I’m going to talk more about it and reveal some tips and tricks to help you improve your writing imagination (if you need to). But first I want to share my Book Writing Project statistics.
My "Book Writing Project" Statistics
ChapterWord CountDate StartedDate FinishedTime Taken
One30605/7/20109/3/20118 Months 4 Days
Two27209/3/201126/3/201118 Days
Three317626/3/201130/4/201136 Days
Four286730/4/20115/5/20116 Days
Five29415/5/201123/5/201119 Days
Six282723/5/20117/6/201116 Days
Seven31678/6/20118/6/20111 Day
Eight30159/6/201122/6/201114 Days
Nine273322/6/201130/6/20119 Days
Ten288430/6/201111/7/201112 Days
Eleven287111/7/201122/7/201112 Days
Twelve281422/7/201117/8/201127 Days
As you can see from my statistics I continued writing my book from where I left off (chapter 4) and started chapter 5 on May 5th 2011. I wrote 8 chapters finishing chapter 12 on Aug 17th 2011, with a total of 23,252 words written.

Total words written for my book so far: 35,075

How many words am I planning? I really don’t know. It simply depends on when I finish the story.
I don’t let the word count influence my book too much. I do however keep each chapter to around the 3000 word mark but that’s just me.

As you can see from my stats, I wrote chapter 7 in 1 day! 1 DAY! And it was just over 3,000 words. I was so excited about that and the possibility of how much can be written in a day.

My creative imagination was flowing like a river that day, and without distractions I was able to knock out a whole chapter. That’s what you can do when you have the right environment for writing and can tap into the ability of using imagination in writing.
So now I want to talk about using (and what you can do to improve - if needed) your writing imagination.

The Importance of Imagination in Writing
The Importance of Writing Imagination

What is imagination? Imagination in simple terms is making up pictures, thoughts, ideas, in your mind, whether or not they have been real situations or not. It’s the recombining of things in your mind. As an author, your mind is an important tool used for imaginative writing.

This important element – imagination – has been a powerful ally to my writing creativity that without it I realised I would not be able to write my book. Period!
You need to be able to imagine (make-up, create, bring to life in the mind) your story and your characters so well, and get it down in words, so your readers can also follow and enjoy your book.

How Do I Use My Imagination in Creative Writing?

Think of watching a movie on TV; and think of all the pictures and sounds in sequence. When I’m writing with imagination I’m creating a movie in my head with pictures, sounds, dialogue, etc. just as in a TV movie. That’s writing with imagination.

When I’m writing I don’t have the story already planned out ahead. I didn’t plan the characters beforehand and write a whole bio about each character and all their characteristics, etc.

I am literally making the whole story up as I go – characters and all. I have a general overall idea of what my book is about but that’s all. The direction of where my story is going is even a mystery to me until I write it.

The beauty about writing with imagination is you can just twist and turn the story however. And it’s so much fun. I am finding out what’s going to happen minute by minute as though someone else is writing the story.

My personal view on planning out all the characters is that it takes away the surprise. I like to surprise myself as I go. I like to build my characters and find out who they are and perhaps change their personality. I want to play around with my imagination.

So using imagination in writing is extremely important and if you find it difficult to be imaginative and creative you will have a hard time in becoming a writer.

How To Improve Your Writing Imagination and Creativity

Here’s a few tips that can help with a writer’s imagination:
1. Stay off and don’t use drugs while trying to write, whether alcohol, street or prescription drugs. Drugs seriously mess-up the mind and are extremely damaging to creative ability.

2. Practice being descriptive. One of the abilities I gained through working in security and investigations is the ability to describe.

This is important when following someone in surveillance, particularly if I needed to write a report or police statement afterwards. I had to be able to describe exactly what I saw in relation to my target. This would include a complete description of my subject along with what they were doing, etc.

Practice watching people or things and describe them and what they are doing as best you can. Describe the colours, textures, appearance, speed, movements; whatever you see. Practice describing how something is.

3. Practice making up stories using everyday objects. Pick an object and come up with some imaginary story about it; for example; if I were to choose a “calculator” - what story could I imagine with that? Maybe the calculator is being used by a professor working out a calculation of a new weapon he’s developing. Or there could be a miniature world inside the calculator with electronic entities unknown to its owner. Whatever...

Just pick something and make shit up in your head. It doesn’t matter how crazy or embarrassing, or stupid it seems – no one is going to know except you. Just keep practicing and imagining and soon you will be able to imaging all sorts.
I hope I have given you some useful stuff on how important imagination is as a writer and how you can develop yours. For me, my imagination has been instrumental in being able to write, and developing your imagination will improve your creative ability in writing too. Be inspired!

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As always, let me know your thoughts below and if you have any tips on improving imagination you want to share.

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