How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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Create Your Own Author Website (in 5 Easy Steps)

Published by in Marketing Tips For Writers · 14 August 2010
If you’re thinking about building your own author's website but aren’t sure how, I will give you some solid tips and advice, based on my own experiences, that I learned along the way whilst building my own website.

This is an easy basic guide on how to build an author website (without learning how to use code) and I’ve covered most of the steps you'll need to know.

I've also made a simple link index below, of the content on this page, as its quite long and to make it easier for you.

What I’m hoping to do here is to help you choose whether or not you want to create your own writer’s website, or to enlist the services of a web design company.

Let’s get started...

The 5 Basic Steps To Building An Author Website

1. Look at the PROs and CONs of building your own author website

2. Choose your author website's domain name and hosting

3. Choose the best author website builder that suits you

4. Create compelling content for your author website

5. Promote your author website – online and off

These are the basic steps to building your own successful website as an author and I'll go over each point in more detail.... but first...

A Quick Introduction To My Own Website Building Experience

I first built my own website shortly after being laid off from my job, some years ago, working in the security industry. After which, I decided to start up a small business on my own, and became a private investigator.

Working from home with no physical office I knew I needed a website to promote myself, but couldn’t afford to pay the prices being offered at the time.

So what was my solution? I created a website of my own.

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