How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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Book Writing Project (Update 05)

Published by in Book Writing Project Updates · 18 August 2011
It’s been a while since my last “Book Writing Project” update (just over 3 months) but not without good reason.

I have made significant progress on my first book and I want to share how I was able to write over 23,000 words in 3 months (around my day job). I even wrote 1 chapter in a day. And remember, I don’t write every single day but on my days off.

So I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved in the past few months of writing.

In my last update I explained how I was able to write my book much faster than previously and I continue to apply the strategies that I revealed. These strategies have helped me speed up my progress enormously and I’ll show you my stats in a moment.

I also want to talk about another important weapon that is so vital to a creative writer that without it you would be dead as an author. It has helped me tremendously and enabled me to create and have fun with writing.

That vital weapon is IMAGINATION!

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