How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
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Book Writing Project (Update 04)

Published by in Book Writing Project Updates · 5 May 2011
In my last Book Writing Project update I announced that I had started to write my very first book (which was pretty cool), but what I didn’t want to mention or was reluctant to say was how long it took me to write my first chapter.

If you read the update you would have read that I wrote my first chapter of 3066 words in 8 months and 4 dayOuch! (Yes I’m cringing right now).

This was incredibly long and a little shameful to admit. Still, I’m learning how to become a writer so I can excuse myself some mistakes as I go. This is the whole point of my project; that I make the rookie mistakes so you don't have to.

I identified 2 writing barriers that had slowed my writing speed and progress and I’m glad to say that since recognising those 2 barriers I have greatly increased the writing speed and flow of writing my first book.

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