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How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide
2 Become A Writer
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About Me And My "Book Writing Project"

So you're interested to know a little more about me and what the "Book Writing Project" is about. That's cool and thanks for being interested :)

Well, my name is Nigel. I'm just an everyday guy, I have a job, I pay my taxes, I'm English and I live in South Africa with my girlfriend.

We met online and had a virtual relationship for 2 years before I decided to move from my home in the UK to South Africa. We run a couple of small businesses together so we're pretty busy.

A little about my history

I joined the British Army when I left school, serving in Berlin in 1986-87 during the latter stages of the Cold War (which was very interesting). I also served in other places but Berlin was my favorite.

After I left the Army I worked a few jobs and as many service men (and some women) do, I started working in the security industry. My first security job being what is known as a Store Detective working undercover in retail shops catching criminals and fraudsters. That was interesting!

After many years, in various security roles, I became a private investigator, working for myself. Another interesting career choice!

How did I get the writing bug?

I had this dream believe it or not; I had the idea my dream would make a great movie and was considering offering it to Tom Cruise. Ok, maybe I was on another planet but it was fun thinking it could be a movie.

To cut a long story short I had this urge to write a book about it, but that's as far as it got, just an idea. Recently though I decided I want to be a writer, an author, and see if I can turn that idea into a published novel.

I decided I'm going to learn how to become a writer, teaching myself how to write a book while recording the whole journey for other wannabe authors.

I have no real writing experience (except for writing a little website content).

At school, I always found it difficult to read and felt embarrassed when I had to read aloud. I would constantly make mistakes, stammer or flub the sentences. And my grades in school were mediocre at best.

I remember sitting on a table of three girls at school (me being the ONLY boy), reading aloud and cocking it up. I could feel them rolling their eyes.

Anyway, that aside, I feel I have a creative ability in me and I'm going to pursue it.

Well that's me, but what about my writing project - what's it all about?

What Is The "Book Writing Project" About?

The Book Writing Project is something I cooked up to see if a novice, a beginner, a wannabe like myself or someone like you perhaps, with aspirations to be a writer, can write a book and become a successful writer.

The Book Writing Project is two-fold:

1. To learn how to write a book and write one (or many)

2. To learn how to get it published and get it published

I've heard different viewpoints about how tough it is to be a successful writer, particularly the publishing of books. But is it....?

Will I succeed or fail? Why not find out.... follow my Book Writing Project.

Book Writing Project 01
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